Monday, March 5, 2012

Arrow, by RJ Anderson

I've been reading RJ Anderson's faery series (the first book is called Knife in the UK and Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter in the US). The first two books are out in the US but the series continues on past them in the UK. We just finished this one, which sort of closes the first subseries, and my girls are already pestering me to order the next one, Swift, which apparently was just released in Britain.

What liked most about this book: 1) the feeling of being in a different culture, and 2) Timothy. We've seen Timothy's anxious side in the last book (Wayfarer), but now that he's worked through those issues and come out the other side, we're getting a whole new view of him. I love seeing the cheerful, slightly hyper, active side of him--just a very likable character! As to the cultural issue, Rebecca's put her finger on exactly that exhausting feeling of trying to navigate a culture that is similar but different from your own, of misinterpreting people, and of trying to fit into a new set of expectations while all the while holding very much to your integrity. (I guess that's actually two culture clashes, then--the clash between different faery cultures and the clash between the world of integrity and...the World in a religious sense.)

I'd recommend this series to your daughter/niece who likes some seriousness to her faeries.

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