Monday, April 30, 2012

Brandon Sanderson's writing class lectures

Just saw this link from his blog--archived lectures from his university writing course. Even if you're not aiming to write epic fantasy, he's a great guy to learn about craft from.


Karen_St_Louis said...

Rose - just wanted to say thank you for recommending this online course. It's great - I feel like I'm going back to college for free! Brandon Sanderson's a fun person to learn from, and it seems like he hasn't let his successes inflate his ego. (I'll have to read some of his books now!)

Karen de Foy (I found your blog from your link on Verla Kay)

Rose Green said...

I know! I haven't finished watching all the segments yet because I keep going back to add ideas to my WIP. He's just really personable and NOT stuck on himself. Just uh...don't store any of his books on a high shelf, in case they fall on your head, lol. My favorite series by him is actually his middle grade one, Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians, but if you prefer less silly, Mistborn gives you a good idea of what his stuff is about.